Tips for Getting Teens to the Dentist

teens and dentistsNo matter how old your children are, they need to see a dentist at least once a year. While younger children may be difficult at times, you still are in charge of making the appointments. You accompany them to the dentist ensuring they arrive on the date and on time. With teens, the situation is different.

Teens and Dentists

While visiting a dentist may not be at the top of your teen’s list of favorite things to do, they should not ignore the need to get a regular checkup. A pre-school dental visit is the perfect way to remind them of the need for maintaining good oral hygiene. This idea is certainly not an attractive one for many teens. It demands they brush their teeth and even floss at least twice a day. It may mean they interrupt their busy schedule to see someone they may not even like. However, a few tips or reminders on your part can help them make the right decision to include a visit to the dentist on a regular basis.

Healthy Teeth Produce Attractive Smiles: Talk to your teen about the benefits of having healthy teeth and gums. You know they are essential for your teen’s overall physical wellbeing. In fact, having a great smile is also beneficial in other ways. Studies have clearly indicated that people notice and are attracted to a pleasant smile.

teens and dentistWhite, Bright Teeth Begin at Home: You and the dentist need to stress to the teen that it is easier to address any diet issues, hygiene issues, habits or conditions that might alter the condition of the teeth now before they negatively affect his or her smile. Help your teens understand that by making the wrong choices today, they will not have a winning smile tomorrow

Bring them into the Decision-making Process: Let the teen understand this is their decision. You cannot make them go to the dentist. Sometimes, having their input and allowing them some say helps them arrive at the right decision

Make the Visits Convenient: Talk to your teen about what times are best for a dental appointment. Do not arrange them simply to fit your schedule. If you neglect this, you have an uncooperative – and justly so, teenager. This will make getting him or her to later visits more difficult

While teens may not readily associate good dental care with improving their attractiveness in school, it is a reality. Teens, particularly if they are just entering high school, want to make a good impression. They want to look their best. You, as a caring parent, understand this. You also know the need for them to take charge of this part of their life. By carefully guiding them in the right direction, you are helping them grow up. Do your best to help them retain that bright, white smile knowing it will also improve their self-confidence, For help and suggestions, contact the best dentists in New York City.

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