Fixing Your Teeth: Dental Crowns

What are dental crowns, and how can they help fix your teeth? Over 178 million US citizens are missing one or more teeth. The statistics show how US citizens must be more aware of gum diseases, dental disorders, and oral diseases. That way, US citizens will have a higher chance of gaining the necessary treatment at the right time. However, replacing missing teeth isn’t as easy as it sounds due to the range of treatments and surgeries in the dental healthcare industry.

Dental Crowns-Fixing Your Teeth

For your information, most people can think of fillings, partial/ removal dentures, and artificial teeth to replace missing teeth. However, do you know that there are various other measures to fix a missing tooth or problem with your teeth? In this post, we will go over how dental crowns can help fix your teeth.

Understanding Dental Crowns

You can think of a dental crown is a cap that hides the damaged part of the tooth and replaces it with a fresh new look. Dental crowns are composed of different materials, including metal and porcelain. You can even have a dental crown to fix a molar tooth that rarely shows when you yawn widely. Getting dental crowns for your front teeth is one of the easiest dental procedures. But, to get a dental crown that fixes your tooth or teeth in the best way possible, you must choose the right one. For that, you should consider several factors.

How to Choose the Right Dental Crown?

Here are some of the factors that you must consider when choosing a dental crown to fix your missing, damaged, or crooked tooth/teeth:

  • The cost of dental crown fabrication and installation
  • The overall durability and features of the material the dental crown is composed of
  • The strength and endurance of the dental crown

It’s also quite important to select a dental crown that appears natural in similarity to your other teeth. You may discuss many options and factors before choosing a dental crown with your dentist. However, make sure you learn about the different tooth colors and shades to make sure your dental crown matches your other natural teeth.

Other factors that you will have to consider, especially when choosing the right type of dental crown material, include:

  • Tooth’s location (i.e., that requires crown placement)
  • Nearby teeth’s color
  • The visibility of the damaged teeth (i.e., when you open your mouth)
  • Quantity of remaining natural tooth
  • Your gum tissue’s condition and location

Dental Crowns

Do You Require a Dental Crown to Fix Your Teeth?

If your tooth cavity keeps growing and doesn’t recover from filling, you can go for a dental crown. You will also require a crown if your tooth is weak, cracked, or worn down. Since the tooth becomes extremely fragile after a root canal procedure, you may require additional protection in the form of a dental crown. But make sure you discuss it with your dentist beforehand.

Fixing your Teeth with Dental Crowns: Conclusion

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