Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Want to learn more about wisdom tooth extractions? Most people will grow two sets of teeth in their lives: baby and permanent. And as each tooth falls out and is replaced with a permanent one, the last ones to come are the third molars at the edge of the jaws, also called the wisdom teeth.

While sometimes these wisdom teeth can grow out properly, just like the rest of the molars, they can also struggle to develop. In such instances, getting a wisdom tooth extraction becomes essential.

Why is it Important?

The third molars, also known as the wisdom teeth, are the last of the teeth to grow. Even at the earliest, people can expect their wisdom teeth to come out by 17. And at the latest, people can expect their wisdom teeth to come out when they are 25 years old.

Therefore, as the last teeth come out, there are times when the wisdom tooth can have complications while developing. In some instances, the tooth can start growing at an incline toward or away from the second molar.

In these situations, extracting the wisdom tooth can become essential, as it can cause serious aches. These impacted wisdom teeth need a dedicated procedure to come out properly from under the gums. It is also possible that the wisdom tooth could grow straight up or down, but it is still stuck inside the jawbone.

Extracting A Wisdom Tooth

Leaving the impacted wisdom tooth under the gums can lead to serious repercussions. Therefore, extraction is often the only solution that will require a dentist to surgically extract the impacted tooth.

Getting an X Ray

The first step to preparing for the extraction is getting an X-ray, which will help the dentist understand the current position of the molar. Getting an x ray also lets them find out if extracting the tooth is necessary or if they can help it grow out.

Administering Anesthesia

After the endodontist receives an x-ray of the jaw and understands the tooth’s position, they can start extracting the tooth. Before the surgeon starts pulling the tooth out, they will administer anesthesia to make the operation painless.

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You will likely receive local sedation, or general anesthesia, to help numb the body and make extracting the tooth much easier.

Making an Incision and Accessing the Tooth

After the surgeon makes all of the necessary preparations to perform the operation, they can start with the procedure. They will start by making an incision in the gums to show the tooth, where they will start the extraction.

If the tooth is in an odd position, they will try to get it out by cutting it into smaller pieces. After cutting the tooth, the surgeon will remove the molar and prepare to clean the site and remove any debris.

Applies stitches to the incision site, which can help promote better healing. However, the stitches are only sometimes necessary, and some endodontists may not add them.

Finally, the last step is applying gauze to the extraction site to help a blood clot form. After the surgery, you will spend the last chunk of the time in the clinic recovering from the anesthesia.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions: Conclusion

Wisdom tooth extraction is necessary if you have an impacted wisdom tooth, as the pain can be too much to handle.

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