Types of Major Dental Surgeries

What are the major types of dental surgeries? Dental surgeries have been a great help for different dental issues for many years. Dentists need years of training and proper qualification before they can perform dental surgeries. Dental surgeries seem extremely scary but are very beneficial. It is not easy performing dental surgery. It requires careful techniques and patience, which explains why most dental procedures are so expensive.

A variety of dental surgeries available can cater to different dental issues. Of course, while these surgeries can cause pain, you will be under the effect of anesthesia, depending on the type of surgery. Learn about the different types of dental surgeries by reading below.

Types of Major Dental Surgeries

Types of major Dental Surgeries

Mentioned below are the different types of dental surgeries:

1.     Extraction of Wisdom Tooth

Between the ages of 17-25, molars start to appear in your jaw. This is the third and final molar. If there is not enough space in your jaw for the molar to grow, it can cause immense pain. In such a situation, an extraction is necessary. After the extraction of the molar, the dentist will stitch the area to control heavy bleeding. You will have to take effective care of your teeth by practicing safe oral hygiene and making sure that nothing goes wrong.

Root Canal Surgery

A root canal is one of the most common dental surgeries wherein millions of people each year go through this. Root canals prevent the chances of extraction. They also help with tooth pain and sensitivity. This surgery does not cause much pain and is effective in treating pain in your tooth and gums. You will need a root canal if your tooth starts decaying. Tooth decay can be very painful as the pulp in your tooth suffers from damage due to bacteria. This can lead to a lot of pain and swelling. You can get this fixed by extracting the decayed tooth. However, a root canal can prevent this from happening in the first place.

Cosmetic Dental Surgery

Your teeth play a major role in your overall appearance. This is why many people want their teeth to look good. Cosmetic dental surgery is also very common, and there are different types of it. The main purpose of this surgery is to help improve a person’s smile and aesthetic appearance. Minor treatments that fall under cosmetic surgery include teeth whitening and orthodonture.

If you plan on giving your smile a makeover, you need to opt for teeth whitening, composite restoration, dental veneers, and bonding. All of these things make up a smile makeover surgery. There are a lot of steps required, considering the number of things that need to be done. Thankfully, most dental cosmetic surgeries are pain-free, so you don’t have to worry about that. Each surgery is different, depending on the patients’ requirements and the issue they are dealing with.

Dental Implant Surgery

You may be familiar with dental implants now, as this is another common surgery dentists perform. This surgery comprises numerous steps and takes at least 6 months to fully complete and heal. The purpose of a tooth implant is to restore an affected tooth to the jaw. The surgery comprises inserting a tooth in the jaw bone. Over time, in 6 months, the tooth settles in your jaw and feels just like your original tooth.

Reconstructive Dental Surgery

Reconstructive dental surgery takes place once a patient has gone through a facial injury caused by an unforeseen accident. When this happens, you will need immediate reconstruction to treat the soft tissue injury in your teeth, mouth, and jawbone. You may also require this surgery if the soft tissue fracture grows severe.

Types of Dental Surgeries

Do You Need Anesthesia during Dental Surgeries

Yes, most dental surgeries require anesthesia to block any sensory transmission. You may receive local anesthesia instated through a needle. Once the anesthesia is inserted inside the needle, you won’t feel any sensation and can go through the surgery.

Types of Major Dental Surgeries: Takeaway

To go through any of the dental surgeries mentioned above, you have to first consult a professional dentist. Only a dentist can carry out these surgeries, and you must make sure to go to a proper one.

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