Common Causes for Urgent Dental Care

What are some common causes for urgent dental care? Dental emergencies can take place without prior warning. You may develop a problem anywhere and anytime. Suppose you’re playing football with your friends, and someone accidentally knocks out your front teeth with their elbow. Or may you suddenly feel extreme pain in your tooth and want to know why it’s happening. Any dental issue that requires instant treatment falls under dental emergencies.

Common Causes for Urgent Dental Care

Common Causes for Urgent Dental Care

Here are some common oral problems that require urgent attention of a dentist:

1.     Infected Tooth

An infected tooth can be a dental emergency. Even though it takes time for the bacterial infection to reach your tooth pulp, the erosion process doesn’t show any symptoms. A tooth infection can lead to tooth abscesses and tooth loss. If you leave the infection untreated, it will spread to the other parts of the body and cause serious health problems.

A tooth has three different layers. These include the enamel, dentin, and tooth pulp. Although the enamel protects your teeth from damage, food lingering on the tooth can cause tooth decay. Bacteria in your mouth consume and convert the food into acid. The acid will reduce the minerals and calcium from your tooth, making it weaker. Weak enamel is prone to develop holes exposing dentin.

Similar to enamel, dentin is also a strong part of your tooth, but it consists of tiny pores reaching out to your pulp. That’s when you will experience pain and sensitivity upon drinking hot and cold water. After dentin, the bacteria infect the tooth pulp causing inflammation. As a result of swelling, the tissue inside the pulp will put pressure on the nerves and blood vessels, causing extreme pain. You may also develop fever and swelling on the jaw and face because of the dental infection.

If you want to protect your teeth from tooth decay and dental infection, you need to consult a professional oral surgeon. You can also take OTC medication, but this will only reduce the pain without addressing the root cause. These medications won’t eliminate the infection in the pulp. As a treatment for dental infection, a local dentist would suggest root canal surgery.

2.     Bleeding Teeth or Gums

Oral diseases such as gum infection or gingivitis can cause bleeding. In this case, you need to immediately visit a dentist in your neighborhood. Your tooth and gum may also bleed due to poor dental hygiene. When you develop plaque along the gum line, it infects the root of your tooth. Plaque is a shiny and sticky substance that accumulates around your tooth. Plaque contains millions of bacteria and can cause gum diseases and tooth decay. Don’t try to remove the plaque at home. Instead, visit a dentist and get it removed professionally. If your saliva contains blood, you may be suffering from gum diseases or cancer. Therefore, you need to immediately contact visits a dentist’s clinic for diagnosis. You can visit Ideal Smiles Dental in NYC for urgent dental care.

3.     Mouth Sores

You may develop mouth sores or canker sores because of braces. You can apply an antiseptic gel to the sores. However, it would be better if you visit a dentist. The dentist will diagnose the condition and identify if the mouth sore is a sign of gum disease. You can reduce the risk of complications by visiting the doctor upon noticing early signs. Furthermore, early treatments can show effective results. The doctor will share preventative measures to prevent the sores from getting severe.

Common Causes for Urgent Dental Care

4.     Knocked-Out or Broken Tooth

Your tooth may leave the socket for many reasons, such as walking into a glass door, falling from stairs, and crashing your bike. A broken tooth can put you in a traumatic and panic situation. But, there is good news for you. You can immediately take your knocked-out tooth to an experienced dentist, and they may be able to place it back. However, you have to reach the dentist within 30 minutes after losing the tooth. Make sure that you retain the tooth and wrap it into a piece of cloth or tissue while you are on your way to the doctor. If that doesn’t work, you can opt to have a tooth implant.

5.     Broken Jaw

Sometimes, opening your jaw wide while yawning or taking a huge bite can dislocate your jaw. This condition is more common than you think. Similarly, traffic accidents can result in a dislodged jaw. When this happens, you need to rush to an emergency room to fix the jaw. A broken jaw can also misalign your teeth, causing various problems. In this case, you have to visit an emergency dentist so they can align your teeth back to their position. You need to visit the dentist as soon as possible. Meanwhile, gently apply a bag of ice on your jaw and consult with a professional doctor.

Common Causes for Urgent Dental Care: Conclusion

If you experience any of the above dental traumas, you need to seek assistance from an emergency dentist. These dental problems require immediate attention. If you delay your visit or drive to a local dentist, the results can be unsatisfactory, and you may end up losing your tooth permanently.

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