All About Teeth Whitening

Learning all about teeth whitening will help you in deciding if this procedure is for you. Flossing and brushing your teeth is one of the best ways to keep that smile of yours bright and healthy. However, with time, you might notice that your teeth are yellowing or are not as bright as they used to be.

All About Teeth Whitening

So, if you want a bright white smile again, why not try our teeth whitening? The procedure is simple, painless, and gives you that perfect glowing smile without harmful side effects. Here is a detailed guide on teeth whitening and everything you need to know about it before you get the procedure.

Why Do Teeth Yellow in the First Place?

Yellow teeth can ruin your bright smile, and there are many reasons why your teeth might start to stain. Here is a breakdown of all the factors that can yellow your teeth.


Certain types of medication can lead to your teeth’ darkening. Medicines that help with high blood pressure are especially susceptible to darkening teeth, as well as various types of antihistamines. Furthermore, treatment options like chemotherapy can also be responsible for darkening people’s teeth.


The body’s response to an injury in the tooth can usually lead to increased dentin. Dentin is a much darker substance in the tooth, which makes it more visible through the enamel. Although rare, falling can also lead to people’s teeth discoloring.


Another popular reason why your teeth might be yellowing is because of old age. Over time, the outer layer of your teeth, better known as the enamel, will start to thin, giving way to dentin. The enamel can start to thin for various reasons, such as constant brushing or eating certain foods.


Tobacco use is another popular reason people can see their teeth start to discolor. It usually includes tar and nicotine, which can leave very stubborn stains on your teeth. Nicotine is colorless but can turn yellow when it reacts with oxygen.

Different Foods and Drinks

Since they all have very strong colors, coffee, red wine, and tea can often leave bad stains on people’s teeth. All these foods and drinks have intense chromogens, which can attach to the outer layer of your teeth.

Can Teeth Whitening Work With All Teeth

The teeth whitening procedure, unfortunately, only works with some types of teeth. Different types of whitening procedures can have varying effects, which is why you will first need to consult a dentist before making a decision. They will likely recommend the type of teeth whitening procedure you should try to remove the stains.

What is the Teeth Whitening Procedure?

Teeth whitening is a fairly simple procedure that includes using various whitening agents. These whitening agents usually contain one or two bleaching agents, such as carbamide and hydrogen peroxide. Both of these can effectively break stains down into smaller pieces, making the color less concentrated.

All About Teeth Whitening NYC

Some Popular Whitening Options

After speaking to a dentist, there are a few ways that you can whiten your teeth.

In Office Bleaching

In office bleaching, referred to as chair side bleaching, can only take one visit to the dentist. The dentist will apply a rubber guard to your gums and lips during the procedure and then apply the bleach to your teeth.

Dedicated Stain Removal Toothpaste

All toothpaste can help remove teeth stains, but some are much better than others. It would help if you found a toothpaste with a Seal of Approval from the ADA. They will often contain additional polishing agents.

All about Teeth Whitening: Conclusion

Bring back that bright smile by getting your teeth polished today. If you’re looking for a professional dentist to help you with your teeth, why not try Ideal Smiles Dental? They have multiple dentists with decades of experience in the field, so visit today and book an appointment.

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