Types of Dental Oral Surgery

What are the different types of oral surgery? Are you struggling with an oral dental issue and require immediate assistance? You’re reading the right post! In this small blog, we will help you learn about some of the most common dental surgeries. Although 63% of US adults over 18 had a dental visit in the past year and the year before that, many people remain oblivious about the most common dental surgeries. Some of those surgeries are the go-to treatment options during emergencies and result in effective pain relief.

Types of Dental Oral Surgery

Let’s check out the main types of oral dental surgeries and why they matter. Plus, you will learn about one of the top institutes that provide dental healthcare services in Staten Island, NY!

Types of Dental Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is any surgical procedure on your jaws, gums, and teeth. Oral surgeries serve multiple purposes, ranging from dental implant installations and gum grafting to periodontal disease treatment and tooth extraction. Surgeons who perform these surgeries need to have the necessary skills and experience.

Some dentists operate as highly specialized healthcare professionals with surgical skills on their resumes, even offering emergency department services. Let’s take a look at some of the most common oral surgery procedures that take place in the US and other countries around the world:

Corrective Jaw Surgery

Corrective jaw surgery, aka “orthognathic surgery,” targets any skeletal abnormalities present in your jawbones. Dentists may recommend corrective jaw surgery when a patient with skeletal jaw bone abnormalities can no longer chew properly, or there are facial imbalances. It also helps with TMJ dysfunction, a jaw bone disorder that causes facial imbalances, chewing disorders, and incredible pain.

Tooth Extraction

Of course, tooth extraction has become the most common oral surgery. It involves removing one or more teeth due to several reasons. Perhaps, a serious disease resulted in losing one or more teeth and even caused deterioration of your gum line. This can prompt the dentist to recommend a tooth extraction. The most common causes include tooth decay, dental trauma, periodontal diseases, and wisdom teeth complications.

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Dental Bone Graft

This procedure occurs once your dentist notices bone loss in your jaw due to the loss of one or more teeth at strategic placements. The natural teeth have roots that stimulate the jaw bones’ nerves, resulting in strong fusion and intact jaw bone density. With the loss of natural teeth, the jaw bone experiences difficulty holding together since the roots don’t stimulate the nerves. Hence, bone loss occurs in the jaw.

The surgery aims to add a bone graft to the jaw bone’s lost art to restore density and mass and provide adequate support for artificial teeth implant installation. The whole procedure can be lengthy, but it’s quite effective at restoring natural teeth in healthy individuals.

Types of Dental Oral Surgery: Conclusion

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