Dental Implants Dentists

Dental implants are an important service performed by dentists . Dentists perform dental implant surgery when you have a damaged or missing tooth. They will replace tooth roots with screw-like posts. After installing the post, they will place an artificial tooth that functions and looks like a natural tooth. Dental implant surgery is an incredible alternative to bridgework or dentures. Sometimes, the tooth roots do not support dentures. In this case, you can choose dental implants to bring back your perfect smile. For dental implants under the supervision of a professional surgeon, contact Ideal Smiles Dental.

Dental Implants Dentist

This surgical procedure depends on your jawbone condition and the type of implants you choose. There are numerous benefits of dental implant surgery, including new teeth support. In this condition, the dentist will place implants and wait for the surrounding bones to grow and grab the implants tightly. The bone healing process can take months. Therefore, dental implants are not a single visit surgery, such as in a root canal.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Here are some major benefits of dental implants:

1.     Improved Appearance

Dental implants are natural-looking teeth that will give the same feel as your natural tooth. Because dentists plant the tooth deep in your jaw bone, you can consider them as permanent teeth.

2.     Improved Speech

Dentures can easily slip from your teeth while you talk, which can cause interferences in your daily routine. To prevent it from slipping, you will adapt to a new talking style, which can be irritating. However, with dental implants, you do not have any fear of slippage. Therefore, dental implants give you the freedom to speak freely.

3.     Improved Comfort

As dental implants are permanent and will become a part of you, you won’t feel discomfort and irritation. On the other hand, removable dentures can cause you many problems.

4.     Easier Eating

Because dentures slip often, you will have difficulty chewing. Meanwhile, dental implants work like natural teeth. They allow you to chew your food without pain and discomfort.

The Dental Implant Procedure

Installing dental implants takes plenty of time. After installing the implants, the dentist will wait for the jaw bone to grow and grasp the tooth. The recovery process may take months, depending on the procedure, situation, and steps used in the process. Here are some common steps to install dental implants:

1.     Jawbone Graft

If you have a soft jawbone, it won’t be able to hold the implant. As a result, the implants might dislocate after powerful chewing action. To avoid any complications, you need to undergo bone grafting. In this procedure, the dentist will add a solid base to rebuild the jawbone. The dentist may use natural or synthetic bone material, which supports the new bone growth. You can talk to the dentist for better options to grow bone. Keep in mind that bone grafting may take some time. The doctor may also suggest minor bone grafting, depending on the condition of your jawbone.

2.     Placing the Dental Implant

While performing the surgery, a professional dentist makes an incision in your gum to access the bone. They will use a dental drill to make a hole for the metal post. Since the post will work as the tooth root, the doctor will plant them deep into the bone. Still, you will have a gap between your teeth. You can add a temporary denture to fill that gap. Because the post has a screw-like structure, you can add and remove the denture whenever you want. That way, you can easily clean the post.

3.     Waiting for Bone Growth

Once the doctor places the implant post in the jawbone, they will ask you to wait for the process of osseointegration. This is a recovery procedure in which your jawbone will expand and hold the dental implant to its place. The healing can take several months, and during this process, you need to avoid powerful chewing and sticky food items.

4.     Placing the Abutment

After osseointegration, the oral surgeon will diagnose the dental implant and perform another surgery. In this process, they will place an abutment on the top of the implant. This is a minor surgery and requires local anesthesia. The dentist will place the abutment by reopening the gum and fixing the abutment with the dental implant. Subsequently, they will close the gum tissue, but the abutment will remain exposed.

Staten Island Dental Implants Dentist

5.     Choosing Your New Artificial Teeth

You can choose between removable and fixed artificial teeth. A dentist will share the pros and cons of both options so you can make a better decision. Artificial teeth will easily snap into the implant abutment. When you choose a removable implant, you can remove it before sleeping. In contrast, your dentist will fix the artificial tooth using dental cement.

Dental Implants Dentist: Conclusion

A dental implant is a surgical fixture placed inside the jawbone. The implant consists of three components, a metal post, abutment, and artificial tooth. A dental implant is not a simple treatment. It requires a professional dental surgeon for higher success rates. If you live in Staten Island or NYC, contact our clinic at 718-535-1196 and speak with one of our specialists.



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