Adult Dentistry vs. Pediatric Dentistry

What are the differences between adult dentistry and pediatric dentistry? Everyone grows two pairs of teeth in life: their primary teeth (baby teeth) and permanent ones (Adult teeth). And as children’s teeth start to grow, you will likely have to make an important decision when choosing between adult dentistry and pediatric dentistry.

Adult Dentistry vs. Pediatric Dentistry Staten Island NY

Although both dentists in both forms of dentistry offer more or less the same service, one can be a lot better for children who are just starting to get their adult teeth. With that in mind, we will go over the major distinctions between adult and pediatric dentistry, allowing you to make a much more informed decision.

Adult Dentistry vs. Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry Focuses on Helping Patients Prevent Damage to their Teeth

Going to a pediatric dentist can be vital for children, even before they start growing out their adult teeth. A pediatric dentist is responsible for treating any dental issues a child might have and teaching them how to prevent possible issues with their teeth from manifesting.

They also act as a counselor for the child’s teeth, teaching them the best way to brush their teeth and floss. They will also offer advice on the best types of toothpaste to use or the different types of foods they should avoid.

As a whole, they will also be offering your children different types of preventative treatments to protect their mouths, gums, and teeth.

Adult Dentistry Focuses on Treating Conditions in Adult Teeth

Unlike pediatric dentistry, adult dentistry focuses more on treating a wide variety of conditions in a person’s tooth. More specifically, they will focus on treating various issues throughout adult teeth.

Adult dentists can also often reinforce the good habits that pediatric dentist instills in their patients. While some children will move on to an adult dentist as soon as they get their first permanent tooth, others will often wait till they are at least 18 years old.

Breaking Bad Habits

One of the most important differences between a pediatric dentist and an adult one is that the former will help children break bad oral habits. Children can often pick up bad habits like sucking their thumbs, picking their teeth with their nails, or not flossing before going to sleep.

Adult Dentistry vs. Pediatric Dentistry

These habits can be detrimental to a child’s oral health, which is why it is so important for pediatric dentists to help children overcome these bad habits.

Giving Them a Friendly Atmosphere to Get Treatment In

Pop culture and cartoons do not have very healthy depictions of dentists, and most children will form the bulk of their opinions. A pediatric dentist must work hard to make children feel more welcome and comfortable when getting treatment.

Through ample positive reinforcement and patience, these dentists have to make children look forward to their next visit to the dentist. If they fail to create a very welcoming environment, it could create a negative perception of dentists for the rest of their lives.

Exclusive Training to Help Children with Special Needs

Another major difference between pediatric and adult dentists is that the former will often get exclusive training to help them when treating patients with special needs. It is an area of expertise that adult dentists will especially lack.

Adult Dentistry vs. Pediatric Dentistry: Conclusion

Although pediatric and adult dentists offer the same services, their expertise will often differ. Children especially must go to a pediatric dentist to help them break bad habits and reinforce healthier oral health.

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