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Getting tooth whitening is a common and sometimes necessary practice in modern times. Many people wish to have perfectly aligned teeth and a shining bright smile, right? You might also be one of them. It’s a good oral healthcare goal to have perfectly white teeth that shine bright as pearls and give the confidence to smile. However, most people wishing for white teeth fail to understand that tooth whitening doesn’t turn unhealthy and naturally deformed teeth into shining pearls overnight.

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While this may sound discouraging to some, the best approach includes learning more about your options and the long process it may take to a perfect oral healthcare routine. However, you might acknowledge that tooth whitening procedures and treatment are common dental healthcare services. But it requires a lot of consideration, and learning facts can help. In this article, we will discuss all the essential facts and concepts regarding tooth whitening.

Professional Tooth Whitening Procedure

The professional tooth whitening procedure involves a dentist using special instruments and equipment to whiten your tooth/teeth through a dental process. The procedure is highly effective considering that you can take care post-procedure. This method is fairly simple and performed in clinics. Furthermore, you might be able to see the results right there and then after the completion of the procedure.

Your dentist will apply a whitening gel to your teeth. Experts consider this gel as photo-activated because it penetrates teeth to remove stains (deep and those on the surface as well) with the application of LED light. This procedure can get intensive due to the on-off light use to activate the gel. Therefore, you have to be comfortable with it as much as you can get.

How are Veneers Suitable Solutions?

Veneers have thin, tooth-colored laminates. They are a reliable approach to getting white teeth. Plus, veneers comprise resin, porcelain, and other tooth-natural material. Bear in mind that your dentist will require accurate measurements of your mouth because veneers are always custom-produced. Your dentist will then ask you to select the shade of the veneer(s) that blends with your natural teeth. Following that, your dentist will form a veneer shape that fits right in the front of your teeth perfectly and create an entirely natural look.

Other Tooth Whitening Methods and Remedies

There are multiple approaches that people adopt to whiten their teeth. There is more than you may know at first, from at-home tooth whitening trays to toothpaste and strips. Here are the most common products used for tooth whitening.


These gels and strips are usually at-home tooth whitening options. You can apply these whitening strips over your upper and lower teeth line for a few days, once or twice every day. These give you temporary results.

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Whitening toothpaste is similar to general toothpaste. They are moderately abrasive, which helps remove stains from the teeth. Moreover, they contain polishing and chemical agents that help in scrapping off the stains from your teeth. Now, the minor distinction between whitening toothpaste and general toothpaste is that the former doesn’t contain bleaching agents that can significantly harm the teeth.

Facts about Tooth Whitening – Things You Should Know Beforehand

Do you want to know some facts about tooth whitening to make an informed decision? Well, you may have come across debatable topics, which most primarily include the topmost questions: “Why aren’t my teeth white after a professional procedure?” One thing that you should know as a fact is that white teeth don’t mean that you have an excellently bright and shiny white color.

In fact, tooth whitening refers to enhancing the natural tooth color and making it more visible. Some natural tooth colors include yellowish-white, reddish-gray, and others.

Furthermore, there are many other factors that you have to pay attention to and consider. Some of them are below:

  • Tooth whitening products primarily remove the stains that affect and hide the tooth’s natural color.
  • Plague can progress into tartar which is a form of calculus but on the teeth. This means that whitening your teeth becomes more troublesome.
  • Foods and drinks that stain your clothes and skin are sure to stain your teeth. Therefore, tooth whitening procedures and products might not be as effective if you don’t limit the consumption of such foods and drinks in your diet.

Tooth Whitening: Conclusion

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