Best Pediatric Dentists

What makes the best pediatric dentists? The pediatric dental workforce refers to a special field of dentistry where healthcare professionals help infants and young children deal with oral and dental health issues. Pediatric dentists deal with oral and dental issues pertaining to infants, children, and teenagers. They carry experience and special knowledge about a child’s teeth, mouth, and gum. They’re also aware of a child’s teeth and mouth development throughout different stages of growth.

Best Pediatric Dentists

Without proper dental care, losing milk teeth and gaining permanent ones can become a hectic routine for younglings. As per the advice of many professionals and pediatricians around the world, it’s best to take your little ones for a checkup from a reputable pediatric dentist when they start losing their baby teeth. Without proper oral and dental healthcare, it can be painful for children to experience growth in their mouth, gums, and teeth.

How Can a Pediatric Dentist Help Your Child?

Pediatric dentists are educated, trained, and experienced like regular dentists. However, they hone in on the specific matters and dental/ oral health issues of children. Here’s a comprehensive look at the oral healthcare services that a pediatric dentist provides:

  • Risk assessment for carries in child and its mother (oral health exams)
  • Habit counseling (thumb sucking and pacifier use)
  • Diet and nutrition recommendations for preventive dental care
  • Gum condition and disease management, including pediatric periodontal diseases
  • Oral condition diagnosis at an early age for diabetes, asthma, congenital heart defect, and ADHD
  • Tooth cavities and defects repair
  • Teeth-straightening treatment and assessment
  • Improper bite treatment and corrective therapies
  • Dental injury care and treatment

Why They’re the Best Dentist Category to Help Children?

Just like regular dentists, a pediatric dentist focuses on the prevention of oral and dental diseases in children. They help prevent tooth decay, cavities, and pediatric periodontal diseases. They’re suitable for children because they use treatment approaches that aren’t common with regular dentists. Pediatric dentists offer healthcare services while educating their young patients. Here’s a list of methods that pediatric dentists use to help children:

  • Friendlier Tone: They keep their voice soothing and friendlier for children to help build trust. Pediatric dentists also demystify fear in their young patients by being friendly and compassionate.
  • Positive Reinforcement: Pediatric dentists teach children about good behavior and instill several habits such as following guidelines and sitting still.
  • Tell-Show-Do: Using this method, pediatric dentists inform and educate young patients about treatment procedures in age-friendly words. After an explanation, they start the procedure by keeping the children calm.

Staten Island Best Pediatric Dentists

What Age Children do the Best Pediatric Dentists See?

Although they’re pediatric dentists, they can treat dental disorders, diseases, and conditions like regular dentists. They may also have advanced surgical skills to act as oral surgeons if a case demands. Furthermore, dealing with young patients is their specialty, and that’s why most parents with infants and young children tend to set appointments with pediatric dentists. They usually see patients ranging from infants to those in their college years. Sometimes, pediatric dentists will see patients over the age of 18 because they’re well aware of the patients’ dental history.

Best Pediatric Dentists: Conclusion

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