What Happens During a Standard Dental Checkup?

It’s time to head in to see your dentist. Many people worry about what to expect. For some, the experience seems overwhelming. Yet, in nearly all cases, dental appointments are both quick and painless. You should see your dentist on a regular basis, which is at least one time every six months. Each visit will be tailored to meet your specific needs, of course. However, if you have not been to the dentist in a while and you are going in for a standard exam, it can help to know what to expect during this process.

Dental X-rays

dentalIn most cases, the best way for a dentist to see your teeth and their overall health is through an x-ray. New technology makes this process very easy to do and it is pain-free. You will likely have these x-rays one time a year or less frequently unless there is a reason for needing them more often.

Dental Exam

After you come in from your x-rays, you are likely to have a dental exam. During the exam, the dentist looks at the overall structure and health of your teeth. The goal is to consider any areas of concern such as cavities or misalignments. If you need fillings or other treatments, those are often done as a last step.

Dental Cleaning

The dental cleaning that is done during a standard exam is going to take the longest, but it really does not have to be difficult. You’ll have a hygienist working over your mouth using tools to clean your teeth. In some cases, it can be painful but only if there is a problem area. In most cases, this process takes 20 to 40 minutes depending on the condition of your teeth. The dentist will go over each one of your teeth and clean it properly and thoroughly.
dentalIf you have not been in to see the dentist in the last six months, you can expect the treatment to last a bit longer. However, most people will find this is the ideal time to talk to your dentist about any concerns you have. Talk about your overall oral health. Discuss any areas of concern. Also talk about any cosmetic needs you may have. It all starts with a basic appointment. Call our offices in New York City to schedule your appointment with the best dentist in the area.


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