How Can Mouth Guards Help You?

How Can Mouth Guards Help You?If you play sports, even casually, you may have thought about wearing a moth protector. If you are a parent, it is in the best interest of your child if you insist they wear one whenever they are playing a sport. The same applies if the child or youth is involved in an individual activity such as skateboarding, snowboarding or even bicycling. While many children may wonder why they should have to wear them, the answer is simple. Like helmets and shin pads, mouth guards help to protect them from harm.

Types of Mouth Guards

You have the choice of three basic types of mouth guards. The most simple is the preformed mouth guard. You can buy this at almost any sporting goods or even general retail store. You keep it in place by clenching your teeth.

Two other types are the “boil and bite” or mouth-formed guard. This type of mouth guard comes in a soft malleable material. You simply place it in hot water. Put it in your mouth and it will conform to its shape.  The most expensive option is the custom-fabricated type. To obtain this type, you will require the aid of a dentist.

Activities Where You Should Wear Mouth Guards

In general, many sports and outdoor activities require the wearing of a mouth guard to protect the teeth from accidental damage. Among the most common types of activities and sporting events where mouth guards can and do make a difference to the condition of your teeth are:

How Can Mouth Guards Help You?


What Do Mouth Guards Do?

Whether you are an adult, a youth or a child, a mouth guard is capable of providing dental protection. In particular, it stops serious damage to your front teeth. Mouth protectors protect your teeth when:

You are involved in contact sports
The risk of falling is high
The surface you may come into contact with is hard and unforgiving
While protecting your teeth from damage, mouth guards are also making certain you do not have to undergo the physical pain a broken or cracked tooth can cause. They can also help reduce the instance of jaw fractures as well as concussions and neck injuries.

How Can Mouth Guards Help You?For younger children and youths, the resulting pain may result in psychological issues. These may interfere in the child’s desire to take part in the sport – or similar activities, again. For parents and adults, it is also a way of avoiding the financial cost of restorative dentistry services. Even when covered by a dental plan, out-of-pocket expenses may be high. Premiums may also increase.

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