What Qualifies As Emergency Dentistry?

What qualifies as emergency dentistry? When you face a dental issue that prevents you from waiting for an appointment and need immediate care, you’re facing a dental emergency. Emergency dentistry is important for athletes in the fields of boxing and other sports. In these fields, players face high chances of cracking or chipping their teeth. On the other hand, when your gums bleed, or you face severe pain around your tooth or face, you need an emergency dentist. At an emergency dentistry clinic, you don’t have to wait for an appointment, as is common when visiting a general dentist. An emergency dentist will give you immediate relief for your condition. They can treat you in a half-hour session. In situations when you cannot wait for your appointment and ignore problems like severe pulsating pain, a cracked tooth, or bleeding gums, you must receive immediate care by visiting an emergency dentist.

Emergency Dentistry Info

How to Know that you Need Emergency Dental Care

Most dental conditions don’t classify as an emergency. For instance, if you broke a tooth, you can visit an emergency dentist to install it in the socket. Yes, that is right. If you arrive at an emergency dentist clinic within time with your tooth in a bag full of water, they can put it back in the socket. However, you need to make sure that you hold your tooth from the enamel instead of the root. At the same time, you must keep the tooth in a bag of water. Various issues classify as a dental emergency, such as bleeding in the gums, severe pain, knocked out teeth, cracked or broken teeth, etc.

Services of an Emergency Dentist:

Emergency dentists are experts in treating various oral health conditions. Emergency dentists treat oral conditions that require immediate care. They specialize in working under pressure and quickly. Below, you will find some of the conditions emergency dentists commonly treat.

  • Lose of a filling or crown
  • Dental Plaque
  • A broken or chipped tooth
  • Knocked-out teeth

Emergency dentists deal with all such issues because delays can make the condition worse. Hence, it is better to heads to an emergency dentist if you encounter any of these conditions for immediate treatment.

Signs of Emergency Oral Conditions

1.    ​Severe Pain

Sometimes, you may experience a sudden pain in your teeth, which disturbs your daily routine. The pain can be severe as it stems from the nerves directly. Usually, the cause behind pain is cavities and plaque. These conditions allow bacteria to attack the tooth, where nerves can cause sensitivity and unbearable pain. You can follow various treatments at home, but it is in your best interest to visit an emergency dentist for instant relief. Furthermore, an emergency dentist will diagnose your condition and treat you permanently.

2.    Loss of Tooth

A tooth wiggling is not a good sign when you are an adult. It means losing your permanent teeth, which don’t grow back. If you lose a tooth, it negatively affects your lifestyle and the way you speak. So to prevent your tooth from dropping out of its socket, you need to visit an emergency dentist as they can treat your condition immediately. In situations where you encounter an accident or a sports-related injury, getting immediate treatment from an emergency dentist in time is essential.

Emergency Dentistry | Dentist Staten Island NY

3.    Gum Bleeding and Pain

Sometimes your gums might bleed along with the pain. This happens when you do not floss properly. Bleeding gums can lead to various gum diseases, so you need to give your teeth extra care when bleeding. In such cases, swelling in the gums is common as well. This is a clear indication that you are not maintaining your oral hygiene. In such a situation, you need to visit an emergency dentist immediately. They will analyze the condition and treat it accordingly. Furthermore, you should know that gum diseases have various types and stages. Visiting an emergency dentist during the first stage is the best practice.

4.    Swollen Jaw

Sometimes, you might experience swelling in the gums. This mostly happens due to an infection. Along with hurting teeth, you might also experience bad taste, problems in breathing, fever, or find it hard to swallow. There are various infections related to gum, such as salivary gland infection. If you are experiencing these conditions, the best thing to do is to rush to an emergency dentist.

Emergency Dentistry: Conclusion

Consulting with an emergency dentist is essential to treat your dental condition instantly. However, most of these conditions occur when oral hygiene takes a backseat. Brushing your teeth daily (once when you wake up and once when you are about to sleep) with a suitable technique and daily flossing.

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