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top-nyc-dentist-for-crowns-general-info-01Do you need a dentist for crowns and bridges? The loss of one or more teeth can have a profound impact on your self-esteem. Replacing the missing teeth with prosthetics, like crowns and bridges, will help to restore your self-esteem and your smile. Crowns and bridges can restore your smile and help you to maintain your teeth’s functionality.

What are crowns?

Crowns are prosthetic teeth that can be used to cap over and provide stability for teeth that have undergone significant repairs. As an example, a tooth that has needed a root canal may not have the stability needed to keep it protected from further decay and damage. Crowning the tooth after the root canal therapy can keep the tooth functional, and protected.

A porcelain crown may also be used with a dental implant, to replace a missing tooth. Crowns are custom-made for each patient, and are fit to ensure an even bite. Crowns are made for individual teeth, and can also be used to offer a stable support for bridges. Porcelain is a durable material that can be customized to match the shape and color of your natural teeth.

What are bridges?

dentistry-info-bridges-staten-island-02Bridges are prosthetics that are used to bridge the gap between healthy teeth, when there are two or more teeth missing. Porcelain bridges are custom-made for each patient, and can be colored to offer a match to your natural teeth. Bridges can be secured to your natural healthy teeth, or to an implant or crown in order to ensure stability.

Why should I choose crowns and bridges?

Porcelain crowns and bridges are durable and can last for many good years to come. They not only help to restore your smile, but they can keep you talking, laughing, and eating healthy foods. Many patients who are missing teeth tend to avoid social situations, and adjust their diet, to compensate for those missing teeth.

The restoration of your smile, and return to good oral health, can have so many far-reaching benefits that it’s definitely worth the investment.

How do I care for crowns and bridges?

dentist-for-crowns-bridges-staten-island-ny-03The good news about your porcelain crowns and bridges is that they will not be susceptible to the same type of decay that your natural teeth are. They can still sustain damage from direct impact, and from other types of corrosive materials. Maintaining a good oral health care routine that ensures you are brushing, flossing, and using a mouth rinse after every meal will help to keep your mouth healthy. Be sure to keep up with your appointments with your dentist so that you can keep your other teeth and your gums in optimal health.

If your crowns or bridges get cracked or otherwise damaged, it’s important that you let your dentist know as soon as is possible. Ignoring damage can lead to the potential for bacteria and decay getting under the crown to your vulnerable natural tooth. It can also lead to the potential for shifting in your teeth, which can also bring with it damage to your otherwise healthy natural teeth.

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