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Distinguishing the normal pains and severe aches in your tooth that require you to consult an emergency dentist can be difficult. Of course, small dental issues can turn into a severe problem. Considering that, it is crucial for you to know when you need emergency dental care; here are the five most common signs that indicate you should seek an emergency dentist immediately.

1.    ​You are Experiencing Numbness in Tooth

If you have a tooth infection and you begin to feel no sensation of pain, it may indicate that the infection has spread to your tooth root. Not to mention, a lack of feeling, especially when you had been experiencing severe toothache previously, is not a good sign. Chances are that an abscess from the infection has reached to the root of your tooth. It that’s true, it can drastically affect your root canal and nerves. Therefore, it is crucial for you to pay close attention to your tooth condition since it can signify a major dental problem that needs emergency dental care.

2.    You are Having Constant Headaches

Although there can be many reasons behind a headache, if your head pain reoccurs and becomes chronic, do not neglect it. Keep in mind that your head and teeth are connected; therefore, pain in your jaw or mouth can lead to a headache. However, if you are experiencing a constant headache accompanied by a toothache, chances are you have Bruxism- it is known as grinding the teeth. In other words, people that are habitual of grinding their teeth at night usually experience chronic and recurring headaches. Consult a dentist right away for warning signs of the condition, if you are having the same issue.

3.    ​​Your Gums are Bleeding

Seeing your gums bleed after floss is not a good sign; it could be a sign of gingivitis, which is early gum disease. However, if you are experiencing excessive yet recurring gum bleeding with constant aches, you probably need to pay close attention. Not to mention, these are the common signs of severe gum diseases. In other words, if your gums are swelling and aching, you need to visit an experienced dentist immediately for your dental examination. Keep in mind that determining the gum disease earlier can help prevent it from becoming worse.

4.    ​Your Jaws Become Swollen

While swelling of the jaw is one of the most prevalent dental issues, it may indicate a sign of severe infection. Among these infections, salivary gland infection is common. Note that, salivary gland infection is a bacterial infection that inflicted by the disruption in your salivary glands. Therefore, if you are experiencing jaw swelling that is accompanied by a bad taste in the mouth, trouble in breathing, and fever, you must seek emergency dental care right away.

5.    ​You Have a Severe Toothache

Your toothache severity can also indicate that you need to have dental emergency care immediately. However, in case your ache is minor, you can treat is at home with several treatment options. If it doesn’t work, you should consult an emergency dentist right away, since there can be mild to severe reasons behind your toothache. It is important to mention here that your dentist will recommend a treatment depending on the cause.

The Bottom Line

Whether you have gum bleeding or toothache, it is imperative to pay attention to your dental condition. Any significant changes in your mouth could indicate a sign of severity; therefore, it is better to talk to a professional dentist to avoid further discomfort.

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