Second opinion for dental procedures

Making the decision to move forward with a dental treatment plan can be a tough one, particularly if there is a significant amount of work needed. Getting a second opinion for dental procedures can offer a number of benefits for the patient.

Perhaps the first dentist is recommending a complete tooth extraction? Another dentist may take a more conservative approach, and opt to preserve the natural tooth. Perhaps the first dentist is of the opinion that your wisdom teeth don’t need to come out? If you’ve experienced multiple issues with your wisdom teeth, you may disagree with this opinion.

Getting a second opinion is not just a good way to give you peace of mind about your decisions, but it might lead you to a better treatment option. Each dentist that you meet with will have his or her own unique background and set of experiences. That is not to say that your first dentist was incorrect with the suggestions offered, but it is more that a second opinion can offer you a different viewpoint.

When to seek out a second opinion

You should consider seeking out a second dental health professional address your concerns for a number of reasons.

  • You’ve been diagnosed with a serious health concern, oral cancer as an example
  • Your current dentist did work that did not wholly remedy the problem you’re experiencing
  • You’re concerned about the necessity of the work
  • You’re concerns about the cost that was quoted
  • You don’t feel you have a good relationship with your current dentist

Benefits of a second opinion

Some procedures that you might be considering may not be wholly covered by your dental insurance. This means that you may find yourself facing a large out of pocket expense. Getting a second opinion will help you to select the right treatment protocols for both your budget and your dental health needs.

It’s also important to note that multiple perspectives on treatment can help to you make an informed decision about the treatment that you need.

Questions to ask when getting a second opinion

There are some questions that you can ask of the second opinion dentist, to help you get the right answers that’ll lead you to making the best decision for your dental treatment.

  • What options for treatment would you consider?
  • What are the costs I could expect to see, out of pocket?
  • Will these treatment options help to improve the health of my teeth and gums?
  • Are there any complications I could be facing?
  • What are the risks of ignoring this problem?

Perhaps the most important consideration is that you shouldn’t feel forced into making any major decisions about your treatment plan until you feel completely comfortable with both the information and the care that you have received.

Are dentists happy giving second opinions?

The majority of dentists are going to be quite happy to offer a second opinion, even if they have never treated you before. A second opinion is not necessarily going to be all about the impact that it has on your bank account. The primary goal of your dentist is going to be providing exceptional care while offering you the treatment solution that is in your best interests.

Remember that you are in control of your dental and medical health. You get to make the best decisions, based upon your budget and the levels of trust that you have in your dental professional.

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