Dentist for Sensitive Teeth

Why Have I Got Sensitive Teeth?

Do I need a dentist for sensitive teeth? Sensitive teeth are a very common occurrence, and this is why many leading companies such as Sensodyne have released sensitive tooth products worldwide. If you have sensitivity and pain when you have anything too hot, too cold, too sweet or too sour, you may be suffering from sensitive teeth. Read on to find out what you can do to prevent the symptoms and when to go to the dentist.

What Causes Sensitive Teeth?

Sensitive teeth can be caused by many teeth problems that can expose the dentine or the root of the tooth, such as acid erosion. The main reasons for sensitive teeth are gum disease or receding gums, which is unfortunately something that happens as we age. Receded gums are most common in those over 65, and around 80% of the population will have some receding of the gums before this age. If you press down too hard when you brush, use abrasive toothpaste or consume a highly acidic diet, these can all increase the chance of exposing the dentine or the root of the tooth.

Symptoms of Sensitive Teeth

If you have sensitive teeth, the symptoms can be pretty obvious. They may not hurt all the time but many associate sensitive teeth with cold things. This is not the case as sensitive teeth can cause pain when exposed to anything too hot or too cold, as well as anything that is extremely sour or extremely sweet. If you use teeth whitening strips from an untrusted source, these can also cause sensitive teeth. If you want your teeth whitened, this should always be done professionally.

Treatment for Sensitive Teeth

If you are suffering from sensitive teeth, the first thing to do is purchase products made for sensitive teeth. These are made to help with the symptoms of sensitive teeth. You should also visit your dentist to find out what is causing your problem. You may have a cavity in the tooth which can be filled to stop the sensitivity. The dentine may be exposed underneath the teeth and you may need a veneer to stop this from becoming a problem. Remember not to overbrush or press down too hard, especially with sensitive teeth as you may worsen the problem.

If you are noticing sensitivity or pain when you eat certain foods, contact us to schedule an appointment with the best dentist in Staten Island.

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