Dentist for Acid Erosion of Teeth

What is Acid Erosion?

Acid erosion of teeth, also known as tooth erosion, is a serious dental condition that requires urgent professional treatment to ensure there is no further loss of teeth. Read on to find out more about acid erosion, the effects it has on your teeth and what can be done about it.

Have I Got Acid Erosion?

Acid erosion is the loss of the enamel (the protective layer) on one tooth or more due to an acid attack. This can be caused by excessive consumption of acidic foods and drinks. The enamel is a hard coating on each tooth and it protects them from breaking away during chewing as well as being a shield between your tooth and any bacteria within your mouth. When enamel has been lost, you can feel extreme sensitivity on the tooth and it can be painful. Acid erosion can be seen with the naked eye, because the teeth will then begin to wear away as the enamel is no longer protecting it, usually causing a yellowing of the teeth. This is because underneath the teeth is dentine, which is a yellow substance. If you feel your teeth aren’t as white as they usually are, you may be suffering with acid erosion.

Symptoms of Acid Erosion

The effects of acid erosion are easiest to see when a tooth begins to crumble away at the edge of the teeth where you bite into foods (this is known as the biting edge). This is the thinnest part of the tooth and is therefore the first to break. As your enamel begins to break away, you may start to notice an increased sensitivity in your teeth to anything that is too hot or too cold, and sometimes even sweet and sour.

Treatments for Acid Erosion

Luckily acid erosion doesn’t always need to be treated as it depends on how bad the erosion has gotten. If you think you have any signs of acid erosion, visit a dentist for advice and for a diagnosis. If acid erosion has become severe, one or more fillings may be necessary to protect any sensitive parts of the teeth that have become exposed. If too much of the tooth has been affected, a veneer may be required.

If acid erosion is something you are concerned about, contact us as soon as possible to arrange an appointment with the best dentist in Staten Island.

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