The Most Common Dental Emergencies

Dental EmergenciesVisiting a dentist regularly and maintaining good dental hygiene will keep your teeth in good condition and safe from most ailments. Sometimes a dental emergency can occur; here are the most common and why you should seek help.


This is the most common dental emergency and if untreated can cause complications such as cellulitis, which is a bacterial skin infection. As a dental abscess is caused by a bacterial infection and cannot be cured with the body’s natural defense systems, failure to seek dental help can lead to the bacteria spreading and this can be dangerous and extremely painful. Abscesses tend to be very painful and should be seen to straight away.

Tooth Fracture

Dental EmergenciesA tooth fracture refers to a broken tooth and just like any other broken bone in the body, should be seen to immediately. This is usually an accidental injury and is seen most commonly in sporting injuries or with children. You will need to be seen by a professional to see what can be repaired. A tooth fracture can cause pulpitis which is an inflammation of the dental pulp tissue which can be painful and causes further complications.



Pericoronitis is caused when the tooth begins to become visible in the mouth. Pericoronitis is an inflamed gum surrounding this new tooth and can be very painful and swollen. It can cause cellulitis if left untreated and needs to be treated with dental irrigation, which is where a dentist uses a specific tool to clean the area thoroughly. If cellulitis has occurred, antibiotics will also be needed.


Dental EmergenciesPulpitis is an inflammation of the dental pulp tissue which can be caused by other dental emergencies, as seen above. Pulpitis can be reversible and irreversible. Reversible pulpitis can have symptoms such as sensitivity to hot, cold or sweet foods and drinks. If untreated, reversible pulpitis can cause an abscess or cellulitis. This is usually treated with a filling. Irreversible pulpitis is more serious and will cause localized pain and can cause the same medical emergencies as reversible pulpitis. You may need a tooth extraction or root canal treatment.

The best way to avoid a medical emergency is to have regular dental check-ups as dentists check for signs of any of these emergencies when checking your teeth and can treat them before they become too serious. If you need a check-up, contact us today to make an appointment with the best dentist in New York City.

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