5 Habits that Can Harm Your Dental Health

dental healthYour habits define the person you are. You can develop a lot of good and bad habits in the teenage years of your life. Certain habits like eating a lot of junk food, not getting enough sleep, and smoking can be harmful for your health. You must take care of how you conduct yourself in your daily life and develop better and healthier habits.

That being said, many people have the habit of brushing their teeth only once a day or not all and eating lots and lots of sweet things on a daily basis. This article highlights how these habits can lead to harming your dental health and inevitably worsen your condition to such an extent that you end up at the dentist’s office. It’s better to be safe than sorry. These unhealthy habits, which seem harmless at first, can lead to dental cavities, bad breath and tooth decay.

The following habits are huge red flags and must be changed:

1.    Eating Cold Stuff:

Ice irritates the gums and can cause cracks in your teeth. You are putting your dental health at risk when you chew ice or eat too much ice cream. Furthermore, when you eat cold stuff and your dental health is not at its best, you put your teeth at the risk of chipping.

2.    Biting Nails:

dental healthPeople bite their nails out of nervousness. This habit can cause serious damage to your oral health as the bacteria that are trapped inside of your nails can attach themselves to the gums. This can lead to bacteria build-up and eventually leading to a number of dental problems. You also get sick a lot if you bite your nails regularly. Therefore, it’s important to avoid biting your nails. A good way to quit this habit is to tape your nails up to remind you every time you make a move. Eventually, you can recondition yourself to not biting your nails.

3.    Hard Candy or Gummies:

These food items can cause cavities in your teeth and can lead to tooth decay. Candies and gummies are filled with sugar and because gummies sometimes get stuck in your teeth, they can lead to the bacteria build-up. This can also lead to oral infections. Kids are unstoppable when they see candies, but it is your responsibility to develop good habits in them by keeping them closer to healthy vegetables and away from sugary treats.

4.    Brushing your Teeth too hard:

Brushing your teeth is good, but brushing them too hard can be worse. Your teeth are at risk of wearing down and brushing too hard can also hurt the gums, which can cause small zits to appear inside your mouth. They can be very painful when you eat food. Avoid using toothbrushes that have hard bristles as they can lead to more harm than good.

5.    Coffee or Red Wine:

dental healthDrinking too much of coffee or red wine can lead tooth-staining. Imagine smiling in the mirror and looking at how yellow your teeth look. Drinking too much coffee or tea can ruin that white, toothy smile.

You have to act responsibly and take care of your dental health through proper brushing and other hygienic practices. Moreover, you have to act as a role model for your kids and people around you, so they can live with strong and healthy teeth too.

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