5 Reasons You Should Not Ignore Toothache

5 Reasons You Should Not Ignore Toothache and Should Head to theThat niggling sensation of a twinge in the teeth and gums is all too familiar for most of us. With the amount of sugars and junk we consume, it is no surprise that we can experience a lot of dental problems. Tooth pain has become very normal for some of us however; the mistake we make is not going to the dentist as soon as there is something wrong. Here are 5 reasons why you should go see a dentist as soon as you feel the slightest bit of pain in your teeth or in adjoining areas.

Possibility of Severe Decay:

Tooth decay is rarely painful in its initial stages. However, once it gets to the roots, get ready to shed some tears because the pain immediately goes from nonexistent to literally agonizing. The intake of sugar helps promote the plaque development and bacteria begin to spread everywhere. The bacteria in your teeth produce a certain type of acid, which gradually dissolves the enamel coating on your teeth. This is also known as tooth decay, which causes the formation of cavities in the mouth. Once the cavity extends to the root of the tooth, the pain becomes notably severe. The root of the tooth, commonly known as dental pulp, is concentrated with nerves and blood capillaries and can easily be infected once the cavity reaches the root. Once this happens, there is only one solution- a root canal. You should definitely see a dentist before things get worse for you.

Dental Abscess:

5 Reasons You Should Not Ignore Toothache and Should Head to theThere are cases in which an untreated cavity extends beyond the root and into the jaw. This is known as a dental abscess and requires immediate treatment. An abscess can be treated by a root canal in most cases. However, in rare situations, dentists will have to extract the tooth if it is too damaged to save, or if it hampers their ability to efficiently treat the abscess.

Gum Disease:

Once the bacteria penetrate the root of the tooth, you will observe severe inflammation in the gums, which is closely followed by throbbing pain in the gums. This is the manifestation of gum disease. The early stages of gum disease are virtually painless (except for occasional, light twinges). However, if it’s left to develop, it can cause some serious pain. Gum disease causes pain only when it is at an extreme stage, which is why it is important to diagnose it at an early stage. It is easy to treat but has to be diagnosed early in order for that to happen.


A tooth injury can be so subtle you might not feel it when it happens, but you will certainly feel it later. Even a micro fracture can cause massive amounts of pain. Traumatically damaged teeth are usually treated with fillings or crowns.

Teeth Grinding

5 Reasons You Should Not Ignore Toothache and Should Head to theBruxism is the subconscious clenching or grinding of teeth – and can cause your teeth to become loose. This in turn can lead to plenty of pain if you don’t see a dentist.

Early intervention can exponentially increase your chances of recovery and dental rehabilitation. If you feel you have a problem, don’t wait. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with the best Dentist in New York.

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