When Are Tooth Extractions Necessary?

When Are Tooth Extractions NecessaryTooth extractions do occur in a world where dentists strive to avoid them as much as possible. Sometimes this appears to be the only way to handle the situation. Sometimes, the removal of a tooth may seem to be the only way to address the condition of the teeth and the needs of the individual. Yet, before the dentist decides to remove your tooth or even teeth, it must fall into a category that makes the process necessary.

Common Reasons for Tooth Extractions

Every day, people come to a dentist with cracked, decayed and traumatized teeth. In general, the dentist will try to save them. Restorative dentistry has come a long way. You may now be able to save a tooth through inlays, onlays, crown repair, fillings or root canals. However, there are cases where tooth extractions are necessary. The most common reasons for employing this include:

  • Damaged beyond repair: Sometimes so much of the original tooth is lost, broken or destroyed, there is no current means of repairing it. This is the most common basis for tooth extraction.
  • Infections: If the infection is extensive and has destroyed the pulp of the tooth, making a root canal therapy useless, extraction may be essential
  • Gum (Periodontal) Disease: If gum disease has advanced enough to cause your teeth to become loose, pulling them out may be the only possibility
  • When Are Tooth Extractions NecessaryMedications: Some medications you may take for cancer, for example, may affect the immune system. By weakening it, you cause infection in the teeth. At the same time, tooth extractions may occur to prevent the potential for infection entering the body and increasing the body’s inability to fight against other problems
  • A broken tooth: Depending upon the condition of the tooth, it may have to be removed
  • Organ transplantation: Transplantation can compromise your immune system. If you have even the mildest infection in your teeth, it is often thought better to pull it than risk any further complications to the entire system
  • Radiotherapy: This can have a negative impact on the teeth a dentist cannot repair. The result may have to be tooth extractions
  • Wisdom Teeth: The nature of wisdom teeth, how they enter and behave may mean they need to be removed
  • Crowded Mouth: If you need to align the teeth in your mouth properly and your teeth are preventing this goal, because they are too big or too many, your orthodontist may suggest extractions. The same applies if the mouth is so crowded a new tooth cannot break through, pulling out the interfering tooth may be the best option

When Are Tooth Extractions NecessaryUnfortunately, some people also decide on tooth extractions because they cannot afford any other form of dental treatment. Before, you make such a decision, talk to our dental specialists in New York City. We may be able to help.

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