Common Signs and Symptoms you should see a Dentist

dentistWe have learnt from a young age about how we should schedule routine check-ups with a dentist to ensure our oral health and hygiene. However, there are times when scheduling a visit to the dentist goes from “I’ll see when I’m free” to “right now.” In light of this, these are some of the most common signs and symptoms you should call your dentist right now:

Something most of us experience at some point, and some of us can bear, is tooth pain. If you’re experiencing tooth pain, go to a dentist immediately. Self-medication and trying to wait the pain out will not only exasperate your condition, but you may have to spend a lot of money on elaborate dental procedures later on.


Toothache can become excruciatingly painful if left untreated or if the treatment is delayed. It is obvious that something has triggered the pain, and it needs to be diagnosed. In cases where the pain subsides in a day or two, you should still get it checked. Your body might have suppressed the infection’s symptoms, but it still resides in your body. A dentist is required to properly examine it and prescribe appropriate medication or recommend an invasive dental procedure.

We are all wary of cavities that are caused by tooth decay. The very first signs of tooth decay are white spots on your teeth. Dental decay is caused by the erosion of enamel from the surface of the teeth, which is caused by bacteria. The bacteria produce acidic substances that can dissolve enamel over a period of time. If you happen to notice white spots on your teeth, contact your dentist straight away to deal with tooth decay before it gets worse.

We often observe that some people are very sensitive to hot and cold foods and drinks. If you are one of these people, there is a huge probability that you are a victim of tooth decay. As mentioned earlier, tooth decay erodes the layer of enamel on the surface of your teeth, which exposes the nerves and blood vessels inside. Because of this, it can be very painful when you drink/ eat something hot or cold. Schedule an appointment with your dentist immediately and get your cavities filled before it gets any worse.

If you spontaneously start experiencing trouble in chewing food, you should realize that something is going on. Contact your dentist right away to rectify the problem. Until you see him, try staying on liquids and soft foods, which do not require effort to break down.

Perhaps one of the most important reasons to see a dentist twice or thrice a year is if you have had dental procedures performed in your oral cavity. This includes getting a dental crown, implants, filling, etc. For example, a faulty crown might cause an infection, which can beckon the requirement of a root canal. Frequent visits to your dentist after such a procedure are necessary to speed up recovery and prevent the problem from relapsing.

Smokers should see their dentists every three months. Consumption of tobacco and its products can create a wide range of problems, some of which are centered in the mouth. Bad breath and mouth cancer are two very diverse examples of these products. Your dentist can diagnose these problems and suggest a suitable course of action for their rectification.

A dentist can work wonders not just for your oral health, but also for your entire physiology. Contact us today at 1-718-535-1196 to schedule an appointment with the best Dentist in New York.

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