Do You Need To Straighten Your Teeth?

Do you need to straighten your teeth? You may want to consider realignment if your teeth are causing problems speaking, health issues or are negatively impacting your self confidence. Misalignment of teeth can also create difficulty in cleaning and brushing them. Leaving the condition unchecked can make things worse. Misaligned teeth can be a result of genetics, malnutrition, or oral habits. Various dental diseases or poor dental hygiene can also cause the condition.

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Causes of Misaligned Teeth

Crooked teeth can affect your quality of life. You can feel difficulty in chewing, and it causes pain too. Please see below the reasons that can cause your teeth to be crooked:

1.     Bad Habits

Thumb-sucking is normal in children. It may be cute, but the consequences aren’t. If a child sucks his or her thumb, there are chances of them having crooked teeth when they grow older. Some parents let their kids suck their thumbs to keep them from crying, but this habit can have detrimental consequences for oral health in the future.

There are many other habits that cause misaligned teeth. These habits are often unconscious and can be hard to get rid of. Other habits are breathing from mouth, reverse swallowing, and tongue thrusting.

2.     Genetics

Another frequent cause of crooked teeth is genetics. Our teeth development comes from our parents. We have the same control over our teeth growth as we have of our hair or eye color. Sizes of the mouth, sometimes, also cause teeth to crowd and shift from their position.

3.     Timing

Straighten Your Teeth - braces invisalign dentist staten island 02Some parents do not take enough care of their children while they are young. The health of the deciduous teeth is as important as permanent ones. Loss of these teeth due to decay, trauma, or any other factors can cause permanent teeth to shift. Deciduous teeth work as an anchor for these permanent teeth. The permanent teeth will turn up wrong as those anchors are missing.

4.     Illness and Injury

Jaw or mouth injury or any facial trauma can lead to teeth displacement. If teeth are lost, or jaw is shifted due to injury or illness, your remaining teeth will move from their place slowly to cover up that open space.

Health Issues Arising from Misaligned Teeth

Crooked teeth may cause various health issues. Some of these issues are mentioned below:

1.     Periodontal Disease

Crooked teeth can lead to tooth decay and gum disease because they are hard to clean. Periodontal disease can damage bones and teeth. This condition is an infection of the tissues responsible for holding teeth. It can lead to sore, painful chewing problems, tooth loss, and bleeding gums. Some of the symptoms are bad breath, red and swollen gums, sensitive teeth, bleeding gums, and painful chewing.

2.     Excess Wear

Crooked teeth can cause wear and tear to gums, teeth, and jaw muscle. This results in temporomandibular joint disorder, jaw strain, chronic headache, and cracked teeth. When your teeth stick out of their place, they can affect the surrounding. While chewing or talking, they can damage your mouth flesh and tongue.

3.     Chewing and Digestion

You will have problems in digestion if your teeth are crooked because of difficulties with chewing food. Digestion starts with the process of chewing. Better chewing can result in better digestion. If you are not chewing properly and swallowing your food directly or without chewing properly, this may cause issues with your digestive system.

4.     Self-esteem

You may feel a lack of self-esteem and social avoidance when your physical appearance doesn’t look good. Perfectly aligned and maintained teeth can give you a perfectly straight and bright white smile.

5.     Speech Difficulties

Misaligned teeth may cause speech difficulties. The words we speak are a result of complex mouth, jaw, and tongue movements. Any issue with your jaw, teeth, lips, etc. can cause trouble with speaking. The issue with the compression of air, which is necessary for proper speaking, because of crooked teeth results in speech problems.

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In all the above cases, it is important to consult an experienced dentist. For any consultation regarding teeth straightening for crooked and misaligned teeth, you can contact us. Give a call at 718-535-1196 or book an appointment with our Dentist to to learn more about how to straighten your teeth.

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