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invisalign-dentist-staten-island-01Do I need an Invisalign dentist? One of the very first things that people notice about you is often your smile. Be sure that your smile is one that people remember, by ensuring that you have a beautiful smile with healthy and straight teeth. Invisalign is one of the most popular options for straightening your teeth, picked by both patients and dentists alike.

Can adults straighten their teeth?

We often think of teeth straightening as something exclusive to children and teenagers. Adults who could actually see benefit from the getting their teeth straightened tend to shy away from this for a few reasons. The primary reason is that they are often in established careers where they don’t feel comfortable going back into the office with a mouth full of metal braces.

Invisalign offers adults the ability to get straightened teeth, in a discreet yet wholly effective manner.

Who is a candidate for getting Invisalign braces?

expert-invisalign-information-straighten-teeth-03There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re thinking of getting Invisalign braces. The first consideration is to ensure that your teeth are otherwise healthy. Your dentist can perform a thorough examination on your teeth in order to get an idea as to the current health of both your gums and your teeth.

If you have any cavities or other dental concerns that need to be addressed, your dentist will need to form a treatment plan for them prior to getting you fitted for Invisalign.

How does Invisalign work?

Made from a clear BPA-free plastic, Invisalign aligners are flexible and thin. They simply fit over your teeth, without the need for metals or adhesives. During the entire process of straightening your teeth, you’ll be given a number of aligners that are each designed to take your teeth through the slow repositioning process.

invisalign-before-after-pictures-top-staten-island-dentist-02Your Invisalign aligners are made specifically for you and for your teeth. Your dentist will make digital impressions, and the aligners will be made based upon the results that you and your dentist are hoping to achieve.

The amount of time that you’ll need to wear the aligners will be based entirely on your unique situation. Some patients need just a few months, while others may require a year or more.

Each of the aligners is worn for two weeks at a time. At the end of the two weeks you switch to the next on in the series. This allows a gradual and non-invasive movement for your teeth.

Invisalign aligners are ultra-comfortable when they are in place. They are smooth and flexible, with no sharp edges to dig into your cheeks or gums. One of the best parts about them is that they can be removed when you need to eat or brush your teeth.

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