Night guards for Teeth Grinding

dental-night-guargd-tooth-grinding-expert-information-dentist-01Do you need night guards for teeth grinding? Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, typically happens when patients are fast asleep and have no way of knowing that they are doing it. The concern that arises is that chronic teeth grinding can lead to some serious dental problems. It can even lead to long-term, potentially painful problems with your jaw.

How bad is teeth grinding?

Teeth grinding is often seen in those who are feeling high levels of stress or anxiety. It can happen when you’re awake, of course. However, being awake does mean that it’s somewhat easier to stop grinding your teeth, because you’re aware of it.

When you’re asleep you’ll have no way of stopping yourself, and you may not even be aware of it unless your significant other makes mention of it.

effects-teeth-grinding-night-top-dental-expert-si-ny-nyc-02This means that all of the pressure being exerted onto your teeth will go unchecked. Damage to your teeth could include cracks and fractures in your teeth. You may find some of your teeth are loosened due to the grinding. It can even lead to a loss of one or more teeth due to the damage caused by grinding.

Waking up in the morning you may find that your jaw aches, and you have a constant headache that simply doesn’t make sense. Finding a solution for your teeth grinding can help to improve many aspects of your life, and can of course help to preserve the good health of your teeth.

What can be done to put an end to teeth grinding?

Consulting with your dentist will help to determine what type of damage you are facing right now. You’ll be able to get a treatment plan formulated, while also discussing how a mouth guard can help to protect your teeth during sleep. If you are under high levels of stress or struggle with anxiety, you can work with your primary care doctor to get treatment solutions that can bring a bit of calm and contentment back into your life.

A night guard is often very effective at putting an end to grinding. There are some available over the counter, but it’s best to work with your dentist so that you can be sure you are getting the right type of night guard for the shape of your mouth.

The mouth guard that your dentist will provide will fit your teeth and mouth shape, and will serve as a protective layer between your upper and lower teeth. Ngiht guards are very effective at helping to avoid further damage from teeth grinding.

Will my dental insurance cover my night guard?

dentist-for-teeth-grinding-03Some dental insurance plans do offer at least partial coverage for night guards. As coverage differs between insurance plans, it’s important to verify your coverage. Some insurance companies are reluctant to provide coverage for a mouth guard, even though it’s something being prescribed as necessary by your dentist.

There are several finance options, along with payment plans that can help you to get your night guard covered. Failing to get your guard when it is needed can lead to some potentially costly and painful conditions later on down the road.

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