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Staten Island Dentist for Children

Are You Struggling to Get Your Children to Look After their Teeth? Do you think you need a staten island dentist for children? We all remember what it was like to be a child. Priorities were things such as having fun, playing, watching TV, and eating as many sweets as possible. The last thing we… Continue Reading

Staten Island Dentist Talks about Diet and Dental Health

Adapting Your Diet to Boost Your Dental Health  Our dental health is something that can be affected in a variety of ways. Our lifestyle habits, our oral hygiene habits, and the things we eat can all have an impact on the health and appearance of our teeth. This is why you need to ensure you… Continue Reading

Dentist for Acid Erosion of Teeth

What is Acid Erosion? Acid erosion of teeth, also known as tooth erosion, is a serious dental condition that requires urgent professional treatment to ensure there is no further loss of teeth. Read on to find out more about acid erosion, the effects it has on your teeth and what can be done about it.… Continue Reading

Staten Island Dentist for Emergency Visit

The Dental Emergencies You Should Be Looking Out For If you keep on top of your dental hygiene and visit the dentist as regularly as is recommended, your teeth should be free from any ailments or your dentist should be able to spot them at their earliest. Sometimes, however, a dental emergency can occur, and… Continue Reading

Staten Island Dentist Discusses Plaque

The Best Ways to Prevent Plaque Formation Plaque is the often sticky substance that is left on your teeth after eating and drinking. It is more noticeable after a few hours of not brushing, or if you eat or drink anything extremely sugary. Plaque can cause a variety of dental problems and the best way… Continue Reading

Home and Medicinal Remedies for Toothache

Toothache can be extremely painful and can happen for a variety of reasons. If you have gum disease, an abscess or another dental problem, you may suffer from toothache. This should always be seen by your dentist, but before treatment and during, there are ways to lessen your toothache. If your toothache is due to… Continue Reading

Everything You Need to Know About Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are used often in dentist work and are one of the most common procedures. The better you look after your teeth, the less fillings you will need. Most people will eventually need fillings due to general wear and tear of the teeth. If you are getting a filling, here is everything you need… Continue Reading

A Guide to Oral Cancer

Cancer is a serious illness that can occur anywhere in the body. Usually if you get any mouth symptoms including teeth or gum pain, it is associated with something a lot more minor, such as gum disease. Sometimes it could be something more serious like oral cancer. Knowing the signs and symptoms is good to… Continue Reading

A Guide to Dental Abscesses

Having a dental abscess can be one of the worst pains you can experience from any tooth problem and it needs treatment as it will not go away on its own. Learn more about what a dental abscess is, the symptoms and how to treat it. What Causes a Dental Abscess? A dental abscess is… Continue Reading

The Signs and Symptoms of Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is cancer that occurs in or around the mouth. Cancer is a very dangerous disease and early recognition is the best way to ensure you beat cancer and survive. If you are worried about the risk of developing oral cancer, look out for these signs and symptoms. Where Can Mouth Cancer Occur? Mouth… Continue Reading

How to Control Tooth Pain at Home

Toothache can be extremely frustrating and painful. It can also stop you from wanting to eat or drink and in severe cases, even talk. If you are experiencing tooth pain, you should visit your dentist to find out the cause, but in the meantime, there are ways to control tooth pain at home. Clove Oil… Continue Reading

Why You Should Brush Your Tongue as Well as Your Teeth

You can look after your teeth and gums by brushing twice daily and flossing, but if you ignore your tongue, you are still leaving bacteria in your mouth that can cause damage to your teeth and gums. Here is why you should be brushing your tongue as well as your teeth. Bacteria Build Up Your… Continue Reading

The Most Common Dental Emergencies

Visiting a dentist regularly and maintaining good dental hygiene will keep your teeth in good condition and safe from most ailments. Sometimes a dental emergency can occur; here are the most common and why you should seek help. Abscess This is the most common dental emergency and if untreated can cause complications such as cellulitis,… Continue Reading

What is a Dental Abscess?

A dental abscess can be extremely painful and needs treatment. If you believe you are suffering from a dental abscess, read on for the signs and symptoms. What is a Dental Abscess? A dental abscess is pus that has collected together which can form a lump in the gums, inside the tooth or in the… Continue Reading

How to Prevent Plaque

Plaque is the sticky substance left on your teeth after eating or drinking. Good oral hygiene and a healthy and varied diet can help prevent plaque which can cause tartar if it builds up. Brush Regularly Brushing regularly is the best way to prevent plaque build-up. Your teeth should be brushed twice a day, every… Continue Reading

What are Cavities?

Cavities is another word for tooth decay and is highly affected by what we consume and what we brush our teeth with. Read on to find out more information about cavities. What are Cavities? There are several different types of cavities and children are more at risk, but this doesn’t mean adults aren’t affected too.… Continue Reading

How Your Dental Health is Linked to Your Overall Health

When it comes to dental health, many people think that brushing and flossing is all about having a nice smile and fresh breath. However, maintaining good oral health is about far more than just aesthetic appeal. The state of your dental health can have an impact on your overall health in a number of ways.… Continue Reading

How to Overcome Your Fear of Visiting the Dentist

As a child you are afraid of a lot of things. From the shadows under your bed to the old man down the street, your imagination gets the best of you every time. The fears you develop in your childhood can then turn into phobias in your adulthood. There are many people in the world… Continue Reading

5 Habits that Can Harm Your Dental Health

Your habits define the person you are. You can develop a lot of good and bad habits in the teenage years of your life. Certain habits like eating a lot of junk food, not getting enough sleep, and smoking can be harmful for your health. You must take care of how you conduct yourself in… Continue Reading