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How to Overcome Your Fear of Visiting the Dentist

As a child you are afraid of a lot of things. From the shadows under your bed to the old man down the street, your imagination gets the best of you every time. The fears you develop in your childhood can then turn into phobias in your adulthood. There are many people in the world… Continue Reading

5 Habits that Can Harm Your Dental Health

Your habits define the person you are. You can develop a lot of good and bad habits in the teenage years of your life. Certain habits like eating a lot of junk food, not getting enough sleep, and smoking can be harmful for your health. You must take care of how you conduct yourself in… Continue Reading

5 Reasons You Should Not Ignore Toothache

That niggling sensation of a twinge in the teeth and gums is all too familiar for most of us. With the amount of sugars and junk we consume, it is no surprise that we can experience a lot of dental problems. Tooth pain has become very normal for some of us however; the mistake we… Continue Reading

The Effects of Smoking on Your Dental Health

Smoking is a dangerous addiction that just starts out as a habit. Surveys show that 15 out of every 100 adults in the US are smokers. This means that over 36.5 million Americans have smoked or are currently smoking. About 16 million of these have contracted a smoking related disease. A great portion of these… Continue Reading

How Often Should You Visit Your Dentist?

Have you ever smiled in the mirror and noticed how bad your teeth look? How there are tiny black holes in some of them? How are they out of place? People sometimes stop smiling if they think their teeth will make others feel uncomfortable. Some people have nice teeth naturally while others have to go… Continue Reading

The 5 Factors You Cannot Ignore When Selecting a Dentist

How long has it been since you last got your teeth checked? One year? Two years? Maybe three? Our oral hygiene is essential when it comes to safety from several diseases. Our mouth is said to have the most bacteria out of the entire body because of the things we eat. Our teeth are where… Continue Reading

Medical Conditions Your Dentist Can Diagnose

Your mouth can reveal a lot about your overall health. Everything you consume has to be chewed down and then swallowed. The mouth, therefore, has bacteria that are stagnant and just waiting for an opportunity to get you sick. In reality, a dentist can tell you a lot about your health instead of just your… Continue Reading

Common Signs and Symptoms you should see a Dentist

We have learnt from a young age about how we should schedule routine check-ups with a dentist to ensure our oral health and hygiene. However, there are times when scheduling a visit to the dentist goes from “I’ll see when I’m free” to “right now.” In light of this, these are some of the most… Continue Reading

How Can Mouth Guards Help You?

If you play sports, even casually, you may have thought about wearing a moth protector. If you are a parent, it is in the best interest of your child if you insist they wear one whenever they are playing a sport. The same applies if the child or youth is involved in an individual activity… Continue Reading

When Are Tooth Extractions Necessary?

Tooth extractions do occur in a world where dentists strive to avoid them as much as possible. Sometimes this appears to be the only way to handle the situation. Sometimes, the removal of a tooth may seem to be the only way to address the condition of the teeth and the needs of the individual.… Continue Reading

What Causes Chronic Bad Breath?

We have all seen the commercials. They feature someone covering their mouth, popping a mint or chewing gum. The actors may even rinse their mouths with a mouthwash. It is all to avoid that social problem – bad breath. However, not all bad breath is the same. Everyone gets it from time-to-time. This type of… Continue Reading

Who Should Have Their Wisdom Teeth Removed?

The third molars in your mouth are your wisdom teeth. They get their name from their time of appearance. As the very last teeth to come in, they do so between ages 17 and 21. This connects them to the age when you are supposed to become more mature and, therefore, wiser. Yet, in spite… Continue Reading

What Is the Impact of Smoking on Your Teeth?

While smoking is no longer as fashionable as it once was, it still poses a threat to the physical wellbeing of every one of us. We all are aware that smoking is bad for us. We know medical evidence and research have linked it to cancer. What we also need to look at is what… Continue Reading

What Is Restorative Dentistry?

Today, you have infinitely more choices on how to repair children’s teeth. While the best option is always to make sure they take care of their teeth, this sometimes falls short. To provide solutions that improve oral health while preventing further damage to teeth, you should look at restorative dentistry. What Is Restorative Dentistry? Restorative… Continue Reading

What Are Dental Implants and Who Benefits From Them?

If you have had a trauma and, as a result, lost a couple of teeth, you should ask your dentist about dental implants. These are a common way of restoring any missing, damaged or broken teeth. It does not matter whether it is from poor dental hygiene, an accident or a disorder, your dentist may… Continue Reading

When Does Your Child Need Sealants?

If you have a child, you know how hard it is sometimes to get them to brush their teeth properly. Yet, even when they do carefully brush and even floss, they may not reach the scraps of food that hide in the back teeth. Dentists say children are most likely to have problems cleaning this… Continue Reading

5 Tips for Preventing Cavities

Keeping your teeth clean and your smile bright may not seem important until something happens. When you feel the pain of a cavity, you begin to realize you should have taken better care of your teeth. When you skip brushing your teeth a time or two, it does not seem a “big deal.” Yet, without… Continue Reading

What Are Dental Fillings and Why Are They Needed?

Your teeth are important to your overall wellbeing. They serve both a practical and aesthetic function. You chew with them and they can dazzle people when they come together in a smile. However, when they are less than perfect from genetics, trauma or poor oral hygiene and diet, they may require restorative dentistry. While this… Continue Reading