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pediactric-dentist-information-when-children-see-dentist-si-ny-01Do you need a pediatric dentist? There is often too little consideration given to the teeth of children who are under the age of 12. When last did your child get seen by a pediatric dentist? It’s just as important for your child to see a dentist routinely as it is for you to do so. A healthy mouth and happy smile has no age limit on it.

When should children see a dentist?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children get seen by a dentist within a few mouths of their first tooth erupting. As the first tooth is most often seen erupting around the age of 6 months, this means that a child should see a dentist before his or her first birthday. The age when teeth first erupt can vary greatly between children. However, most children aren’t seen by a pediatric dentist until they are long past their first birthday.

There are any number of reasons for delaying children’s dental appointments, but they are often due to the fact that parents believe their kids need to have a mouth full of teeth before there is reason to see a dentist.

Are baby teeth important?

when-child-see-dentist-staten-island-dentists-02The truth is that baby teeth, or milk teeth, play a much more important role in healthy teeth development than many are aware of. They also serve a role in child development that goes beyond oral health care. They help children learn to try new foods, and help to ensure that children are developing healthy and strong bodies. Baby teeth that are causing problems or discomfort can make it hard for a child to feel comfortable about learning to eat, and may also result in concerns with children refusing to try new foods they think may hurt their mouth.

Speech development can also be impacted by teeth, which is of course a major milestone for little ones.

A lifetime of good oral care habits starts when children are young. Visiting the dentist is a great opportunity for children to learn and absorb information that will help them to keep their teeth healthy for life.

Making kids comfortable at dentist visits

top-pediatric-childrens-dentists-staten-island-03It’s not just adults who can feel nervous about going to the doctor or dentist. Children can often be very uncomfortable and feel a lot of anxiety about visiting a doctor or dentist office. The key to ensuring that your little one is comfortable is to provide reassurance that this is a safe place with people who won’t hurt them.

One of the ways that parents can have their children feel comfortable at the dentist is to have them accompany you to one of your own appointments. This can help to reassure nervous children that the sounds and sights in a dentist office are safe and can even be a little bit fun.

Remember that great lifelong oral health care starts at home. Be sure that you get your children off to the best start by following the instructions provided by their dentist, and by encouraging them to brush, floss, and use a child-safe mouth rinse after every meal.

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