How Tooth Fillings Help in Cracked Teeth

The goal of your dental care is to keep your teeth as healthy as possible. There is always the need to take steps to ensure your teeth remain that way. In some cases, teeth become cracked or damaged in an unavoidable oral voidable manner. When this happens, your dentist may need to take steps to repair the damage so that you can maintain your oral health and your smile. There are numerous options available to dentists to fix a cracked tooth. One of them is using a filling.

Dental-FillingDo You Need a Filling?

The first step is for the dentist to determine what type of treatment is best for you. In some situations, the problem happens over time, such as with decay of the tooth due to poor hygiene or other needs. X-rays are also used to get a better idea of why a person’s tooth may be decaying. Your doctor will need to determine if the tooth needs repair after it has been hit or broken off for other reasons. In most cases, teeth are very strong and they can withstand a great deal of pressure. If a tooth breaks, then, there is often an underlying cause of it.

Why Fillings Help

Dental-FillingFillings are just what they sound like. They are a type of material added to the area where the tooth is broken to fill in the area. Your dentist will apply them after cleaning out and removing the decayed area. The goal is to stop the teeth from worsening. After doing this, a material is added to the open area to fill in the space. This material works to represent where the tooth previously was so as to create the same reduced pressure on the tooth nerves.

After a filling is completed, you will also have any edges and sharp points filed away. The process does not take long but it can provide you with both an improved smile and a healthy mouth. Fillings do need properly care to ensure they remain in place and the tooth stops decaying from that point.

If you believe you need a filling or you have a cracked tooth that needs attention, schedule a consultation with our dentist. In some cases, fillings can be taken care of the same day, reducing the amount of discomfort you have going forward. Don’t put off coming in to see the best dentist in New York City for help.

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