Who Should Have Their Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Who Should Have Their Wisdom Teeth Removed? The third molars in your mouth are your wisdom teeth. They get their name from their time of appearance. As the very last teeth to come in, they do so between ages 17 and 21. This connects them to the age when you are supposed to become more mature and, therefore, wiser. Yet, in spite of their name, the only wisdom they seem to bring is the knowledge that they may well have to be removed.

Removing Wisdom Teeth

Sometimes it appears as if removing wisdom teeth is a fact. Even if they don’t hurt or seem to cause any problems, your dentist may suggest you have them taken out. While, for some, this seems to be simply “the way of the world,” it is smart to talk to your dentist about whether you actually do need to remove these teeth. In other words, who should have their wisdom teeth removed?

You may need have your wisdom teeth extracted if the following applies:

  • They do not have room to come in the way they need to i.e. straight
  • They grow sideways
  • They cannot emerge only partly from the gum
  • They cannot escape the gum and bone, remaining trapped just below the surface
  • The term for this is “impacted.” If you have wisdom teeth that fall into this category, you will have to have them removed.

Who Should Have Their Wisdom Teeth Removed? Why Remove Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

If you do not do remove wisdom teeth that have become impacted, you can face any of several problems. These can and do affect the entire mouth. They can even spread into your circulatory system causing more damage.  Among the potential problems you can endure are:

  • Damage to your other teeth in the area
  • Formation of cysts in the jaw which can lead to nerve damage
  • Problems with your sinuses including congestion, pain and pressure
  • Swollen and inflamed gums around the affected area
  • Cavities
  • Disruption of tooth alignment
  • All these are possible consequences of leaving in faulty wisdom teeth.

Should I Have my Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Who Should Have Their Wisdom Teeth Removed? If you have wisdom teeth growing in, do not automatically consider removal. If they are healthy and do not interfere with the rest of your teeth, they are not a danger. If you think they are causing problems, contact a dentist. Only a professional, such as those of us in our New York City facility, can help you determine whether removing your wisdom teeth is the best step to take.

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