Who Needs Periodontal Care?

periodontalcarePeriodontal care is often ideal for those people who have developed periodontal disease. This is also known as gum disease. It is quite common for people in the United States to suffer from this condition, but it is not a type of disease to overlook. There are various forms of it and, over time, it can worsen and cause serious side effects. Most commonly, the condition begins with gum irritation and inflammation but it can progress into bone damage in the jaw and even loss of teeth. Periodontal disease has also been linked to complications related to heart health and stroke risk.

Are You At Risk?

Many people are at risk of developing or having this condition. It is most commonly found in individuals who are in one of the following groups.

  • You smoke. Smokers are one of the most common individuals to suffer from this type of inflammation. Not only does the smoker have the most likelihood of developing this condition, but also the highest risk of difficult treatment.
  • You have diabetes. Those who have diabetes are at a higher risk for developing complications and infections of all types. Gum disease is just one high risk area.
  • Hormonal imbalances or changes. This is especially true for women and girls who are younger. Developing gingivitis, which often leads to periodontal disease, is also a high risk cause and it is very common in girls and women, as well as other people who have hormonal imbalances of other types.
  • Some medications. Those who are taking some types of medications can develop gingivitis and periodontal disease as a result of dry mouth. The body’s natural production of saliva, which helps to flush the mouth of bacteria, is limited in these situations, leading to the potential risk of developing periodontal disease.

periodontal careDo you have periodontal disease? If you believe you have it, or have been told that you have gingivitis, it may be time to consider an appointment with a dentist to discuss your condition. Individuals who have bad breath that does not go away, bleeding, swollen, or pulling away gums, as well as painful chewing are also experiencing symptoms. If you have teeth that are loose or sensitive teeth, you, too may need this type of care.

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