Dental Work During Pregnancy: What Are Your Options?

dental work

Your tooth falls out and you are eight months pregnant. Your dentist wants you to have dental surgery and you just found out you are expecting. Are you capable of having dental procedures like this right now? Dental work during pregnancy may be possible under the right circumstances. If you are coming in to see your dentist, be sure to inform him or her about your pregnancy at your first meeting. From x-rays to dental procedures, your dental care provider will need to take steps to ensure you both remain safe.

Should You Get Preventative Dental Care While Pregnant?

Going in for your six month preventive dental care appointment isn’t a problem. In fact, it is one of the most important steps you can take in maintaining your dental health during your pregnancy. You’ll also be able to get care for gum disease, which is a type of infection that can create health risks for your unborn child. Keep in mind that oral infections have been linked to preterm birth. Still, be sure to inform your dentist of your pregnancy when you arrive.

What Should You Know About Dental Work During Pregnancy?

There are some risks involved with some procedures. Your dentist will not put you at risk in these instances. Keep the following in mind.

  • During your third trimester, you’ll find it hard to lie down for care. It’s best to schedule a dental cleaning before this time.
  • If you have emergency dental needs, such as for an extraction or root canal, your dentist will be able to provide treatment. You may not get the same level of pain medication, but you will get help.
  • Having electric treatments during your pregnancy isn’t wise. Things like cosmetic whitening procedures should be available whenever possible. These create unnecessary risk for your child even though these risks tend to be minimal.

dental workTake the time to discuss any procedure or step your dentist takes when it comes to your oral care during pregnancy. While most types of dental work during pregnancy can be performed without risk to your child, he or she will need to make adjustments to procedures to ensure this is possible. The good news is good oral health can actually help ensure your baby remains healthy throughout the pregnancy as well.

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