Dentist Teeth Whitening: Should You Do It?

Do you hate that you brush your teeth often and your teeth still have a tint to them? There is something you can do about it. Dentist teeth whitening services tend to be the best option for this type of improvement. While there are over the counter products that can work to remove some of the yellowing or discoloration, your dentist can offer better solutions, faster results, and safer products. If you want white teeth, talk to your dentist today.

What Is Teeth Whitening?

teeth whiteningThere are varieties of products available that can help to remove discoloration from the teeth. It is important to know that this does not remove any health problem you have with your teeth. For example, if you have gum disease, it will not improve it, and that may eliminate your ability to have this type of procedure.


Teeth whitening is a type of cosmetic procedure. It can remove many of the stains you may have including those from:

Poor oral hygiene that leads to yellowing of the teeth as plaque builds up

Tobacco use that can stain the teeth

Staining from drinking dark colored liquids such as coffee or soda; as well as red wine

For some people, dentist teeth whitening can help to make teeth look younger and healthier. As you age, the enamel (or white part) of your teeth darkens. This occurs because the dentin on your teeth becomes darker in color.

What Can You Expect from Dentist Teeth Whitening?teeth-whitening-mclean-ba

Teeth whitening does not take very long and is not painful. When dentists perform this process, it can be very effective right away. The procedure will involve the use of chemicals and equipment that help to bleach or clean away the buildup on the teeth. Again, this does not improve the overall health of the teeth or gums, but removes the coloring present.

Are you a candidate for dentist teeth whitening? You may be if you want to improve the color of your teeth and your overall dental health is good. You may find that your dentist can help to clean your teeth first, removing plaque buildup and ensuring your gums are healthy. If you are ready to have a bright, white smile that gives you the confidence you desire, give us a call. Our Staten Island dentist is available to help you with dentist teeth whitening services today.


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